Started Laying!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by gibson84, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. gibson84

    gibson84 Hatching

    Oct 17, 2014
    Both my hens have finally started laying! I am new to BYC's, and these are my first birds. I started with a red sex link (2 months old) and a 4 month old barred rock. I've had them 2.5 months now, which puts them both in laying range. Red started laying recently and so far has been constant with an egg 15 days straight at 8:30 am. Today, Roxy laid her first egg too, so my first double layer day!

    I was amazed at reds egg size and color, XL, almost jumbo eggs and dark brown. Roxy's egg today was a pale brown, and much smaller than Reds. Anyways, just excited so figured i'd post!



  2. N F C

    N F C whaz sup?

    Dec 12, 2013
    Congratulations on getting your 1 of many eggs!

    We have RSL in our mixed flock also and really like them. They are very consistent layers and the eggs are very big. What surprised me about them was their personalities...very friendly, curious and out-going birds.

    Hope you're enjoying your girls!

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