Started up my new incubator and need to know What Now???

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    May 4, 2012
    Keller, VA
    I have Silkie and Silkie cross eggs. I also have a variety of purebred LF mostly cross eggs..

    I have read opposing ideas on where to keep eggs before putting them in the incubator.

    I have a 23 that are in our guest bathroom. Of these, one was so dirty I wiped it with a damp paper towel.Several, but not all, my hubby washed well and put in the fridge. The others were just put in the room.
    None were immersed, none were washed with anything but well water.

    In general..

    1. Will a wiped one hatch?
    2. Will a washed with water one hatch?
    3. What about eggs that have been scrubed with a light scrubby sponge to wash them off with?
    4. What about eggs kept in the fridge?
    5. We keep our house at about 68 during the day and 60 at that too warm/cool?Do Silkie eggs hatch at 21 days, too?
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    May 6, 2011
    1. yes
    2. yes. depending on what you mean by washed. did you run it under water. or did you run it under water and rub it vigorously.
    3. yes. lower probability of hatching though.
    4. best kept at 55-65 degrees. whats your fridge temp?
    5. should be fine. yes 21 days.
  3. ESofVA

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    May 4, 2012
    Keller, VA
    2. I just run under water and wioe with my fingers...hubby runs under water and uses a plastic scrubby.
    3. TY
    4. I am checking different parts of the fridge. Most of mine were kept on the lowest rack. Some not refridgerated at all. A few kept at room temp...60-70.
    5. TY

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