Started with a rooster and 6 hens and I'm now down to 2 hens. All due to raccoons and a bobcat!


May 12, 2015
I'm fairly new to this world and there's no turning back! We acquired a beautiful rooster and 6 hens last summer along with a large coop. Little by little we've lost some of our precious pets; some due to a bobcat and some due to raccoons (that are no longer walking this earth:). Before we purchase new chickens and a new rooster, we must build a new coop. I'd like to coop to comfortably house 8 hens and a rooster. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about The Palace Chicken Coop and it's construction. We live in central Florida on acreage. Does anyone have any suggestions/tips regarding construction or chickens? We currently have one Australorp and one Araucana. Thanks!!!!

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First thing - check out the predator section for help and instruction in prevented further raccoon and bobcat attacks. I would think the birds should not free range if you want to prevent more disaster. A substantial run cover would keep out climbers and jumpers like the coon and bobcat, and anywhere you use poultry wire, change it out to 1/2" hardware cloth. It costs more, it lasts much longer and coons cannot reach thru the openings and bite off chicken body parts. Poultry wire is flimsy only keeps chickens inside, doesn't keep predators out.

You might want to post on the Florida state thread to see what type of coop best handles predators AND your weather. Hot and humid is very hard on most breeds, chickens handle cold much better than heat.

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