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I got Thelma and Louise last Saturday and they're doing great! I asked at the feed store how long they should be on the starter feed and was told they'd be on that about 5 months until they are about ready to start laying. Then today I read in a magazine someone loaned me that they should be on layer feed early on for the calcium? Now I'm confused. long should they be on starter? And when should they be put on layer feed?

Thank you in advance for the help.
Thanks Iheartchicks. BTW, I love your siggy line.
It sounds like your feed store doesn't offer grower/finisher feed, which is a type of feed for chicks older than 8 weeks and adult chickens. Some folks change to this and use it until the hens lay eggs, then change to layer feed.

I use it for all poultry older than 8 weeks, and never offer layer feed, because I have a flock with all ages of chickens. Young birds should not eat layer feed due to the amount of calcium in it (to support laying hens). I provide crushed oyster shell free choice, in a separate bowl. The layers take it when they need it.

The most local feed store to me doesn't carry grower/finisher feed. That's okay because it isn't my favorite feed store; I shop at a much better one for everything I need.
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So it'll still be ok to continue with the starter feed until egg production, right? Since she said that's how long they'd be on it, I got a 50 lb bag of it. For 2 chicks.
Should the oyster shell be given to them just when they start laying? Good grief, it's been so many years since I've had chickens.
Ours is Purina "Starter Grower" until first egg...crumbles at first, pellets when older. Then to layer feed when first egg appears...Evergreen "Formula 73 Laying Pellets."
Yeah, I know. But it was so much cheaper than the 6 lb bag when she said I'd need it for 5 months.
Maybe chicken math should kick in and use it as an excuse to get more chicks? Oh boy!

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