Starter feed: what brand/type? What else do I need?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by j'schicks, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Sep 18, 2010
    In an effort to keep myself busy while incubating. I'd like to get all my supplies together. What type of feed do I need in the beginning? Medicated or not (I plan on keeping 6 or fewer hens)? Supplements? Treats? Grit? Help! Thanks!

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    Here is a website with some chick tips for you if you are interested:

    Also, I would recommend medicated feed if you have access to it while they are chicks, but some don't give medicated feed and they do fine.

    Chick grit is good starting with the 3rd day (see the website), although some don't bother with it. I like it just in case they ingest shavings or grass. When they get older they need larger grit or free ranging to get grit from the soil.

    I would recommend if you have the means to buy some good feeders and waterers so they don't get poop in everything. (Some people on here make PVC feeders and 5 gal. bucket feeders too.)

    Scrambled eggs are a good treat for chicks. I never bothered with treats until mine got a little older.

    Also don't forget your draft shield and heat lamp. Also secure it two ways so it doesn't fall.
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    also, might want to invest in a second or bigger brooder [​IMG] we all are familiar with chicken math.. ::looks out window at flock of 5 that started as 2) hehe
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    Doesn't the starter food have grit in it? I know I either read somewhere that it does or they told me it does, but I can't find it on the feed bag. What would it be called if not "grit"?

    I gave them some grit when I gave my 2 week olds some mealworms, but they were eating so much grit that I would be worried to leave it in all the time for fear they would eat too much and fill up on it like I read on a different post.
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    chick starter does come with grit.

    I would only offer grit IF treats are offered like rolled oats, oatmeal, and chick scratch. Otherwise they don't need it if they are only eating starter [​IMG]

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