starting a bigger added run area for both sets of chickens 100 by 100

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    Nov 23, 2013
    bought 5 rolls of 2 by 4 100 feet rolls heaving fencing. This is just for daytime use... it will all be connected to their seperate runs and houses... using t posts every 8 ft and will buy 8 to 12 feet wood fence posts.... fence is 4 ft tall. can I use some kind od deterrent across and around the top perimeter... been watching lots of Youtubes for suggestons I hope I can keep out hawks etc and keep out dogs ec during day.... with like 6 to 8 entrances for us and lawncutting
    will solar work like with electrical charge? can put it at top and bottom...???
    anyone have suggestions and pics ???
    right now thir seperate runs are 20 by 10 feet. in the 3 5 months old group Oh also might use leftover 6 cattle panel for gates covered with hdwe cloth or 1 inch poultry wire too.....
    .......and other group prob 32 by 32 feet. 5 chickens in older group
    thanks all
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