Starting a Breeding Flock

Dottie the Chicken

Lover of Jesus, cows, and chickens
May 8, 2020
If I want to start a breeding flock with hatchery birds, can I safely assume they are not related?
I have 2 SS pullets right now. If I get a rooster chick and a couple more pullet chicks later this year or early next year. Can I safely assume they are not related?
If they are hatchery it’s a slim possible they are related but probably not too closely. In the chicken world In-breeding isn’t as much of an issue as other species in-breeding. As long as you switch up the rooster once in a long while you should be fine. I’ve heard people say that in-breeding causes a weakened immune system but I think that’s an extreme. It’s also not good if you are trying to breed out a specific trait. SS are lovely birds! Good luck with your breeding! Definitely post pics!

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