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    I looking to start a chicken farm and would like some input.
    I want to move to east Kentucky/ W.V area and would to like to do a free range farm for chickens.I am into organic also, My question is how many chicken would i need to do to make it profitable, I wouldnt want to hire people to do the care, I would do it by myself.So what would be the best chicken? how many acres "i want to live there too, maybe a doublewide trailer" and input would be great! [email protected]
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    Get your supply chain in place first and do the math.

    Find out where you want to buy chicks and how much they cost.

    Find out where to find feed - if you want to buy it bagged, find out the current prices. If you want it in bulk, find out who can do that for you, if they deliver, what containers you need (hoppers, bins, augers, etc).

    Figure out how you are going to water them, and where the water will come from, can you find land with water rights, or wells, pumps or irrigation? Take a close look at property and know yoour weather and how to protect them from it. Is it windy? Can you put them in an area with some trees for shade and wind protection? How will you brooder them? Can you build a small brooder that can have electricity for heat lamps and access to water?

    Go visit some chicken farms to get an idea of what you need, so you are prepared to find the right land, and be ready to build the things you need.
  3. A great breed of chickens are Black Australorp, Leghorn, RIR, and BOs. They will NEED a large coop for night depending how many chickens u are getting ( even bigger if not free range). If you have 10 hens you will get 8-9 eggs per-day. Hope this helps.
    Good Luck!

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