Starting a new Flock - How important to get NPIP pullets?


10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Titusville, Florida

We're just starting our first flock, some Buff Orpingtons, cochins, brahmas, and barred rocks is what we are planning.

We live in central Florida, and the question is, we're considering getting our pullets from an upcoming swap; How concerned should we be that the seller has a NPIP certification?

We've heard everything from "walk away if they don't", to "its not a concern".

I'd love to here some opinions from all the experience on these forums.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
I am NPIP tested every year. They test your breeding stock for Avian typhoid/pullorum...

I am a stickler for biosecuity. No one enters my pens but my husband and myself. We spray our shoes with Oxine from pen to pen. I found out the hard way about not quaranting chicks that I purchased from someone. Being NPIP certified, doesn't mean that your flock won't have CRD, MG, Fowl Pox, coccidiosis, etc.

Look at the chicks or chickens that you are thinking of buying...Do you see any sneezing, watery eyes, etc.? I don't think anyone would knowingly bring sick birds to a BYC swap. The repercussions would be terrible on this forum!! If you do buy any, quarantine them for 30 days. Seems like a long time, but it is well worth it. Go to the swap and enjoy it!!! I love our monthly swaps that we have in N central FL. I love meeting up with fellow members and putting a face with a name. Go and enjoy!
You'll continue to hear everything. It's mainly opinion and then somewhat based on your setup. Do you have really expensive breeds? Are you in an area where it's more of a concern than others? Do you have 3 chickens or 100? You have to decide how much of a risk it is for your situation and then whether you want to take that risk. Personally I don't pay any attention to whether a flock is npip. I also don't buy from swaps, rarely buy chicks, and have yet to buy grown chickens. All mine come from eggs directly from the farm they were laid on.
We will be at the Gainesville swap, and maybe the Polk City swap since its close. We want to start with 8 or so birds and we wanted a few different breeds, so mail order chicks is out because we don't have the requisite 25 chick order.

Didn't want to add to the obsession too quickly be requiring an incubator, so we're thinking young pullets are our best bet.

It would be great to get a few different breeds at about the same age, as we have no birds now, but we may have to dial back our expectations.

Thanks for the thoughts on NPIP.

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