starting a new flock next year................


5 Years
Aug 4, 2014
Just wondering about the white rocks.We have had many kinds of chickens over the years and have never had white rocks.
Has anyone got any input that have raised them. We do like brown eggs and will stick to them.
We have a beautiful Wheaton Americana rooster that was given to us as a chick and he has been the best and friendly rooster ever.
He's never been aggressive at all and is a gentleman.Sooo pretty too.
We love our chickens, they are penned and have 2 yards to play in. They make too much mess in all the flower beds we spend so much time maintaining.I give them most of the produce from the garden and they wait for it daily.
Some know their names, we do have a couple faves, The one we hatched and she thinks I'm her Mother. When I go to
the Chk'n house, I call her and she comes running. She was raised in the house till she got big enough to go in with the big girls.
I look forward to the yearly chicken catalog and get so excited about what kind to get next.


In the Brooder
Mar 2, 2015
We got a batch of six chicks in August one of them is a White Rock, She is very large, she will probably end up wishing close to eight lbs. She is one of the most docile chickens we have had, she is very curious, and very cold hardy, I have heard they are very good layers, and ours is acting like she is going to start today. she is on the bottom of the pecking order though, but they usually are pretty good at not pecking. She is very funny to watch, we love to throw food on the ground so she comes running toward it, then we throw it on a different spot and she immediately turns around and runs for the new treat. We love having Penny in our flock, I would definitely recommend her to any one who wants a friendly docile chicken. Unless you are more into trying to focus mainly on egg production I would Highly recommend them.

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