Starting another teaching year, prayers are appreciated


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Mar 29, 2011
Southern California
Hi, both my husband and I teach high school. I am grateful for the summers off, but every year at this time, I get nervous about what the new year will hold. I know it's silly, and it will pass, but I would really appreciate prayers that this year will be a good one, and we will be able to do well for our students' sakes. I have a few students I have had before this year, and I have to admit my heart sank when I saw two of the names. We had issues last year.

Thanks for reading this and God bless.
Starting my 22nd year of teaching and it feels awesome! Looking forward to figuring out how to help my students reach their full potential and figure out learning problems. As a Special Education teacher I work with some students with unique challenging learning situations but love every minute!!! Happy School Year@!
If you are dreading this school year.. then it may be time to look into another field. Lifes too short..
The administration decided to let go the middle school special ed aid at the end of the year. Their plan was to put a bilingual aid in there. She has no training with Spec Ed at all and not one of the kids in the class needs a bilingual aid. They were going to pull the aid from the class if and when they needed her somewhere else for language purposes. What they need is an aid that purposely pursued a position with spec ed in that age group (12 to 15 year olds). I gave the admin a huge piece of my mind. The spec ed department was not consulted first. Two days later the district posted an ad for a the position and brought over an aid from the spec ed class in the next younger age group. The other kids aren't without an aid. What a relief. I am so thankful for teachers but extra thankful for those who choose to work with spec ed. And even more so with those who work with the beginning puberty age group.
Exactly! Thanks, I actually have years where I feel like I don't work because I love what I do. It's just exactly as you said. But, one of the kids I am not looking forward to having again came up to me last year, out of the blue, looked at me and said, "you're stomach is getting fat. You need to lose weight." After the class was over, I cried. Things like that, are few and far between. but they stick out in one's mind. I also am doing a new curriculum for both my grades, so there's not as much comfort zone. It's just nerves, but again, I aprreciate the prayers.

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