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Jul 20, 2017

I’ve been keeping chickens for about 5 years and hatching our own for fun for a few years.

This year I’ve hatched lots of shipped eggs from reputable breeders with hopes to start our own little breeding flock to sell chicks and hatching eggs. I’ve been researching breeding; however, I’m not quite clear on if I can breed brother/sister stock from 1 particular breeder just for 1 generation then sell the offspring, line breed 2nd generation of the siblings and add in new blood eventually or if I need to get 2 total different lines from 2 different breeders to start my own breeding flock. Any advice for me? I’d like to do this as a hobby. I want to do this right, but is it necessary to get 2 different lines to start off?

Thanks 🙂
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Hello I’m starting breeding too! And boy is it confusing. Out of curiosity what breed are you doing? Are you doing it for show quality birds? I’ve started off breeding with two birds from the same breeder but they aren’t closely related( hen older than the rooster ) and now have chicks. Once those chicks grow up I’ll probably breed the best hen to the best rooster and go from there. I’ve got limited space so it won’t be full scale like some folks. Inbreeding isn’t a big deal with chickens like it is other species. It can cause some issues with immunity I’ve heard , and it’s also not good for trying to breed out undesirable traits. but if you switch to another rooster in your program every once in a while you should be ok. Anyway that’s just my opinion and how I plan on doing it. Hopefully this thread gets bumped up and someone else can give you there two cents as well. :D

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