starting broilers---best feed?

I've always just used the chick starter/grower . You don't want too high of protien because broilers tend to pack on the pounds as it is . I butcher mine @ about 8 weeks and usually get anywhere from 4-6 lbs after dressing . Good luck to you !
Broiler feed is starter/finisher. You just feed them the same stuff until processing. The % will be around 18 or 20%. I don't think it makes a herrendous difference which % you go with.
I think that giving fast growing broilers a feed too low in protein is like putting regular octane in a performance vehicle. I have been feeding feeds with protein levels above 21%. This go round I am feeding game bird starter at 28% and will switch to Purina Flock Raiser at 21+%. Neither of the feeds have antibiotics and stuff I don't want. The first time I raised Cornish/Rocks I fed them on Show Chow Broiler (Purina) all the way through. I think that was around 22% and feed free choice the whole time. I butchered them at 5.5-6 weeks and they were all about 5 pounds dressed. Never had any leg problems. I did give them vitamins in their water every other week for 3 days in a row.
Hey birdbrain..... I was just wondering if you tend to have alot of fat at processing time ? Mine do and I only feed the starter/grower . Maybe it's just the quality of birds I had . I'm too lazy to go out and find the % of protien , but I think it's around 19% .
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They have quite a pad of fat around the vent, but other than that they don't have whole lot under the skin. Since these birds are on a higher ration than last year's it will be interesting to compare. I was astounded at how fast they grow and plan to butcher them when they get to about 5.5-6 pounds live weight. Much after that and they seem to be a bit stringy. Save that fat and render it for use in cooking.
Interesting....I found mine to be a bit stringy too . I thought it might be because I only cooled them for 4 hours . Some say to keeep them cooled over night and process them the next day . I'm going to try it with my first batch and see where it leads ! Thanks for the info birdbrain , always nice to get other peoples info and compare it to your own !

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