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Crazy chicken lady 9983

In the Brooder
Feb 19, 2021
Hey y’all I am fixing to start a project on making silkie chicks from a hatchery into top notch show quality birds. I know I could have just started from a show breeder but I thought it would be fun to see how long truly how much effort breeders put into their birds. Any tips, tricks, and standards would be greatly appreciate. Thanks:D
Show quality indicates you will be following the Standard of Perfection from the APA.

Here is the store link. Buy the Blue book on all standards. Silkies are listed under the Bantam section.

So, for show quality, you will want to start with a recognized breed color/type, which is found in the blue standards book in the link above.

Also, find a Silkie club, as they may have additional assistance.

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