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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by turksinmaine, Nov 12, 2015.

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    May 28, 2015
    I first want to begin this thread for the apology that likely possibility this question has been already asked and answered more than once on this site. anyhow, when should my hens be started on layer feed? they are 27 weeks old, bourbon reds. I will be separating them from the toms this week ,hopefully, due to the continuous fights between toms over them. So which leads to my next question. do I leave the chosen toms out away from the hens till laying season? or have them in there with them? and if so, either way, due to the tom being in with the hens and the feed in there being laying feed is it not ok for the tom to be eating just the same, layer feed that is? thanks in advance.
    might as well fit this question in instead of starting new thread, is this ok ratio the 12 hens with two toms? or should only one tom be with the hens?

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    I feed mine an all flock pellet and offer oyster shells in a separate dish, safe for everyone, I keep multiple toms with my hens, usually there's a dominant Tom who does most of the mating, they do fight throughout the year and the pecking order gets rearranged, so it depends really how you want to manage your flock and whether you have breeding goals.
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    May 28, 2015
    thanks for the response tomy questions. and yes, breeding is important and want the hens breeding with the choice toms. I was just wondering if 2 toms would get along well enough together with the 12 hens? also with another breed, my bronze heritage turkeys would be ok to have 2 toms in with the 4 hens? reason being I have 2 equal toms that seemed to grow equally together larger quicker than my other bronze ones, don't want to have them toms for case something happens to one.
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    Why not get rid of the roos you do not wish to breed with? - stock pot or giving them away / selling them?


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    I keep all of my Roos personally

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