Starting laying eggs--but new problems arise!

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    Apr 28, 2011
    I have found that there is a new problem to solve EVERY week when raising chickens!

    So here's a few of my "problems":
    I have 6 Leghorns (I think--came from Tractor Supply store) and I thought I had 4 roosters and 2 hens. They had a bad habit formed of sleeping in the trees instead of the coop. I realize I need to clip wings before winter so that they will not be able to do that. Also, they started laying eggs everywhere--mostly around my husbands woodpile. Yesterday he found one stuck in between rows of wood sitting on an egg (isn't 20 wks way too early to become broody?)--perhaps she was just stuck and forced to sit. He saved her and to my surprise, she was the one that I was positive was a rooster. Now after looking at photos online--I guess all 6 are hens.

    I also have 10 Columbian Rock Cross that were confusing me and now I'm thinking all of them are also hens. I have 4 Buff Orp and I think one is a rooster. 4 Speckled Sussex and I had thought one was a rooster, now not thinking so. Plus, 5 Dk Brahma, which I'm sure 2 are roosters--they look completely different. So, one question I have is when do roosters get the big tails--none of mine have big tails at 16 and 20 wks old. Also, NONE are crowing.

    Our plan of action is to clip wings of the escapees who sleep in the trees (and are the current layers). Pin them up in the coop and run for 2 days or until we get eggs in the nest boxes. Our mistake was letting them free range all day--so planning to limit time outside the run to the latter part of the day.

    Always and adventure!

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    We keep both our flocks in their large pens until mid-day when they are let out to free range and most of the eggs have been laid. We seldom have an "outside the box" egg and late layers go back to the hen house to lay.

    Also we do it this way so someone is home and the dogs are out when they free range to avoid disasters from predation.
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    If you keep them in for a couple of days and put some wooden or plastic eggs, or even golf balls, in the nesting boxes they will soon see where they are suppose to lay. Sometimes I think my Buff Orpingtions are to big to get into the boxes but they do. lol

    I let mine free range all day if I'm home if not I let them out in the afternoon.

    Looks like your be getting more eggs than you think. [​IMG]

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