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Apr 14, 2009
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Basically, it's gonna be the size of a sheet of plywood (4x8ft), elevated about 3ft off the ground, open on the west side, with a tin roof slanted to run the rain off the back side. I plan on putting two 2x4's inside for roosts, and expect the chickens to simply fly up to it at night, and otherwise spend their time outside on the ground. I will put the feed in the dry area under the coop.
Today we cleared out an area for the coop to sit, and built the two end pieces.
Not much to look at, but it's coming along.


The chickens are in a pen that is approx 14x16ft, and for shelter right now they just have a tarp and a little tunnel section approx 3x8ft that has a roof. Has been working fine for the dry summer time, but we're gonna need a bit more protection for the winter nights - though they are quite hardy to Arkansas winters hence the open ended design. We are eventually gonna expand their pen (aka run) to approx double it's size, I bought a roll of wire and some Tposts for that as well.
There's a lot of clean up to do. The feather kids live at my in-law's land, which is basically a junk FIL is a packrat to the extreme! But he's enabling my chicken addiction and not only allowing me to put my birds there but helping with the pen building so I'm not complaining much about the junk.
Also note that there is not electricity on that part of the land, so I had to buy a battery powered drill and bring my handsaw! I plan most of my coop designs in standard sizes that you can get wood in (hence it being "the size of a sheet of plywood") to reduce the amount of cutting that I have to do
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