Starting Out With my new flock.


8 Years
Aug 2, 2011
Hey, I'm in need of some help.
My family and I bought a coop, but I need some help on some things, like what should I feed my chickens when I get them? What type of bedding should I use? Do the chickens make their own nests with the supplies I give them? Which is better for the bedding, straw or hay?
Thanks for your time!
depending on what age your new chickens are will determine what you feed them. The feed store has chick feed, grower, layer or you could feed flock raiser at any age. If you have roosters don't feed layer because it has to much calcium in it. Laying hens need oyster shell and if you feed any treats you will need grit.
There are many things to use for bedding. I use pine shavings in the coop and next boxes. You could use sand or straw.
Give us a little more info about your chickens and we can give more help.

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I agree with SuziQ- different age chickens need different food, how old is your new flock?
I also use pine shavings in my coop, easy to clean and the girls like to dig in them- I also use pine shavings in my nest box- does your coop already have a built in nest box? If not you can build one on, or just put a box in the coop for them- I bought a black plastic storage box from Target for $7 that is 18" x18" x 18", I put in the pine shavings and the girls use it every day. I also have a golf ball in there to teach them where to lay, chickens are creatures of habit- they like to lay where another hen has laid before, so you can trick them with golf balls, or fake eggs in the nest box so that they will automatically lay where they believe someone else has already laid an egg (the golf ball). I hope you enjoy your new flock! Chickens are so much fun

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