Starting to doubt that BYC was a good idea for me!!!!!!

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8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Deerfield, NH
I like to read through all the new threads! Namely the ones looking for help! I have had such a bad experience today with one that I almost don't wanna be on here anymore! How some people can be so blatantly rude and just plain cruel to someone asking for help is beyond me! Especially when the person looking for help is a child! Children make mistakes! Any of us with children can testify to that! Is it really necessary to rub that mistake in their face when they wise up and are just trying to do the right thing? I personally don't think so! Some people really need to think for a minute and say "what if that was my child?" Then give their reply! I am sure these people would be blocking and complaining to the mods if someone talked to their kid that way! So how can they talk to someone elses in such a manner! It's just not right!!!!!!
I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. Hopefully if someone was being that rude it was reported to the moderators?? I know that type of behavior is not welcomed nor tolerated on this site.

I missed that thread. I think that's too bad. A kid who is trying to raise chickens, and has questions and doubts and asks for help here should definitely be given some support and patience.

What happened?
It's in the duck forum and it's about a kid who says his/her parents want him/her to dump his now grown ducks into the wild. He only posted one post on this site so far.
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