Starting to have problems with mites

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    May 1, 2019
    I was doing a check up yesterday and found out one of my chickens had A LOT of mites,so the following day i went to the vet and bought a pour on Vimecin(anti lice,mite) and a spray one ectomethrin(contains cypermethrin,excipients)and used them on the coop and
    on all 47 birds(3 had a sea of mites,some didnt have at all,some had little)the chickens look healthy, no broken wings no pale combs etc.I want to go in war with them.Does fire kill them?? i can blowtorch the coop or start a fire on it(coop is made out of bricks so no fire hazards).They have a dustbath full of ash and dirt.Any ideas on how can i eradicate them before it gets too late.
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    Yes fire should but you'd have to do it again in a week or so, hatching eggs. Great idea a brick coop. You can also pick up from TSC a permethrin spray for the coop and the chickens, redoing in 7 - 10 days, hatching eggs. There's also a Poultry Dust (permethrin) that you can use to dust the birds, nesting material, add to their dust bath. Burn & change out the shavings/nesting material.

    I do a monthly dusting of my girls, rotating with DE/Sevin 5% and DE/Poultry Dust. DE won't kill mites/lice but I look at it as a preventative. So far I've been lucky :fl hope my luck holds out :fl

    Alot have been having issues this year, the weather has been extremely hot and the worst is the humidity. Just remember, you do the initial and then repeat cause the egg hatch. Hate them critters, worst than mosquitos :mad:
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    We use permethrin spray concentrate, available at TSC and other farm stores here in the USA, and approved for use on poultry, with no egg withdrawal.
    Mites are a pain! The wild birds bring them to the coop and flock.
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