Starting to sell eggs again!

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    I started selling eggs last summer but had only a few customers for my chicken eggs and seemed to have more of a demand for my duck eggs. I'm getting about an average of eight chicken eggs a day, so about four dozen a week. We consume about a dozen eggs a week. That leaves three dozen eggs that we probably won't get to. Should I wait until the spring when I have more ladies laying? or should I start now and be bombarded with egg demands? I could use the extra money for feed/straw right now. I hate disappointing people when I don't have enough eggs for them. I'm thinking about charging $2.50/dz or $5 for two dozen. Customers seem to like the different shades of brown, green and blue.

    BTW the eggs are mostly from pullets so they're about medium sized.
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    I think if you have customers, why not sell some for your expenses.

    Happy customers will understand and by the time your girls really kick it into gear, you'll have a nice list of buyers.
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