Starting up the incubators again,would love every ones input...


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We have 2 Little Giant still air incubators we are getting ready for eggs.We dont have turners and no fans.We would like to know what would be the best temp to set them at,when to fill the water trays,and how mant times to turn them a day.So far we turn them evry 12 hrs,twice a day,and have been setting temps from 100-102,and have been having water in the trays from day one.So far we have had around a 40-50% hatch rate.We are about to set some eggs from around the house:game,Silver Duckwing,WCBP/Fawn Duckwing(wierd mix I know but lets see what we get),and a our beloved Peep-Peep and Dom have blessed us with some eggs.Plus we have a friend who is giving us some different eggs this up coming Saturday.Would love evryones input on this.
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101-102F measured on top of the eggs in a still air. Try to turn 3 times a day. Your hatch rate will go up. It doesn't have to be evenly spaced partially cause it's an odd number. The same side will not be up at the same time every day so it evens out. How much water you need to add how often depends on your climate and the current weather. You should get a hygrometer to measure humidity and add water as needed to keep the humidity stable.
And I do have 2 hygrometer we picked up at our local TSC that also displays the temp,but not to sure if it is true to its word so I do have a normal one in so I can compare temps.What should my humidity % be at?
Any way you can get one extra turn in would help, most likely. For the first 18 days, I keep the humidity between 40 and 50%, then sometime on Day 18, I up that to between 60 and 70%, which seems to work very well. Be sure you dont cover any of the tiny air holes around the bator because they do need oxygen.
Ok,thanks everyone.I just set my eggs from around here and my temp so far is around 101-102,and humidty is 43%.Cant wait to see what happens,and we definately cant wait for our other eggs.Bator is up and running and waiting.

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