Stash of eggs!!


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Apr 4, 2014
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So, my Dominique has been laying eggs NOT in her nesting box. We knew something was up when she went missing the other day and showed up a little later. We just couldn't figure out where she was laying. This morning when my son went out to feed the chickens and let them out, she made a mad dash to the fence line, where she had a HUGE stash of eggs (see pic below). Other than doing a water test, is there a safe way to know if the eggs are good or not? Assuming these are all her eggs, she's been laying for 19 days! She is not broody, so I don't think there is a chance of any of them having a chick inside. (yes we have a rooster)

Side note: We live in North Florida where the temps during the day are still in the low 90's high 80's. NIght time temps may be getting down to the upper 60's.

The stash!

Getting ready to lay.

A little view of the eggs!
Just break them into a cup separately before adding to a skillet, and if they smell okay, just scramble them up to feed your chickens. I recently went through this same thing twice with one of my wayward girls.

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