Stellar Coturnix Hatching Egg Assortment 50+ Rare colors included!


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Feb 6, 2010
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I am offering 50 + Assorted Japanese Coturnix Hatching Eggs from my pens of ….

Jumbo Browns
English white
Jumbo White (Also known as Texas A and M)
Manchurian Golden
Dark Range
Tuxedo in red, rosetta, and Dark Range
Roux Dilute (previously known as Fawn)
Red Range

Some of these color varieties offered are rare. This is perfect for the starter, a variety of colors to play with!

Our Birds are under the National Poultry Improvement Plan NPIP 58-1445 And FWC Game Farm Licensed

EACH of the color varieties are housed in their own pen, on wire as that keeps birds and eggs clean. Housing them on ground only brings in worms and ailments to the birds and dirty eggs. You will receive eggs from each pen and the purest color possible. However some colors are very recessive and throwbacks of certain colors can occur at times.

My breeders are fed the best gamebird feed offered to me with high protein. They are given ground oyster shell for added calcium as well as well as fresh greens.

I collect eggs throughout the day, The eggs are stored properly in room temperature so no development takes place. I check each egg for cracks and flaws (disposing those eggs if found), and will ship the eggs laid that day to guarantee freshness. You will receive eggs laid at the day of shipment. I do not collect over a period of days. Eggs have a viability of 7 days and I want you to have the best hatch experience possible with the freshest eggs.

I DO NOT GUARANTEE HATCHABILITY once the eggs leave my farm due to post handling, weather, human error, and incubator mishaps.
I pack eggs well and ship through USPS priority. I only ship Monday-Friday. I DO NOT SHIP SATURDAYS ANYMORE. Once the eggs ship, they should arrive to you within 2-3 days of shipment. I include a pamphlet which has all the basic information you will need from incubation to caring for adults. Please contact me if you have any questions, even after you receive you eggs. I am here to help.

Please pay through paypal (no e-checks please) after the closing of the auction so that I can send the freshest eggs to you. My paypal address is [email protected]. There may be a delay of shipping up to 7 days if an influx of orders come in. Please make note of that. I will email you with updates on your order so you will know what is going on.

Please, if the eggs arrived safely, leave positive feedback UPON ARRIVAL of your Eggs, not your hatch rates. Thank you.
Good Luck Bidding and Happy Hatching!!!


A note on Shipping: I try to pack my best. I wrap each egg individually and then place them in their carton, I use bubble wrap, I try to double box (I also wrap in aluminum foil to deter SOME xraying, not all). I mark the box with only "FRAGILE" now as usps likes to go xray happy on hatching eggs lately.)

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