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    First of all, this is not a complaint. I recently started a new job. I can't believe how happy all of the employees appear to be. Nobody acts stressed. Nobody acts snotty. Everybody is always smiling. It's a building with over 400 employees that act like the robot people in the Stepford Wives movie. It's all just so perfect. I keep expecting to find a secret janitor's closet where the drugs are kept. I'm used to working for a small company surrounded by miserable people under extreme stress. Now I work for a big company where everybody is polite and always uses their indoor voices. It's kinda nice. My old job was in an old building where there heat and air conditioning never worked. The new job is in a new building where every thing is clean and nice. The old building had cockroaches and mice. So far the biggest problem in the new building is that one of the ice machines was broken and we ran out of tea bags on our floor.

    The biggest problem is that I can't get on BYC all day!!!!! [​IMG] I miss that.
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    Things sound good so far!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    Maybe those tea bags have a secret ingredient.. [​IMG]
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    Man that sounds awesome.. I would say the big wigs are doing a good job to have everyone happy.... So sad about not being able to get on BYC, but I bet you get more work done(I sure know I would [​IMG] )
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    Mar 3, 2009
    Quote:A lil HAppy juice in the water fountian ...
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    When I worked at IBM we had a building like that. Biggest fuss was when the cappichino maker clogged and I had to phone food svcs for a replacement (it was a large campus in silicon valley, and we had our own cafe, baristas in each building, who knew us by name, whole bit). I had a cake job, my dept was spread out on two contenents, and my job was to travel with the dept and perform admin assist. tasks, visited 9 countries in the first year.
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    Right now, everyone with a job should be happy. You lucked out with a good work situation.


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    Maybe morale is just really good

    I used to sub in a district with crumbling buildings, outdated plumbing, leaking roofs, outdated textbooks, the whole gamut. Everyone was really rude, cliquish and suspicious. The district I work in now has budget issues (like everywhere else in Michigan) but instead of all glaring at each other, the attitude is more like "We're in this together and let's see what we can do."

    Sounds like you did good taking this other job.

    You can still visit in the evenings [​IMG]
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    I know exactly how you feel. My last job was in a veterinary hospital and I worked with the biggest bunch of miserable, petty, jealous, lazy, backstabbing whiners. [​IMG] Everyone complained about this and that, gossiped, sabotaged peoples' efforts, it was pretty toxic. When I got this job in a big university, in a modern, green building in a small lab (9 people) with a super great boss (World renowned expert on lung cells) who understands we work hard and should have some fun, it was like I got hit by lightning. Everyone was nice and worked together. Everyone was helpful and supportive. I got my own desk and computer. Everyone is respectful, everyone's opinion is considered and everyone is treated as equals, even though I only have a BS and others have MS, PhD, MD... had I died and gone to Heaven?
    The pay is less but the benefits are wonderful and the opportunities thrilling. Am I dreaming? What do they put in the coffee??? [​IMG]
    It's not unusual for us all to go to lunch together as a lab (having a beer is fine, my boss is an Englishman - they are so very practical and civilised) or go to the pub after work. Our entire department, a group of about 25 labs, is going to a ballgame. They've rented the party deck, got us all seats and will have unlimited food/drink for the lab members and their families.
    I love my job. I never thought, after the toxic waste pit I used to work in, that I'd ever say that.
    So, enjoy your good fortune. [​IMG] You deserve it.
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    Sep 19, 2008
    YEAH!!! I'm soo glad things are going well for you at the new job!!! Too funny with the different attitudes, maybe it's the new building/old building thing but I'm hoping it's because your employer just treats their employees great and that makes them happy!! [​IMG]
  10. Catstar68

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Franklinton, NC
    I think your surroundings/environment have alot to do with morale and happiness. The effect of a pretty building with lots of windows and clean bathrooms/breakrooms can never be underestimated.
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