Stepped on 11 week old RIR leg -soooooo worried:(


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Hello, I'm new here but have been lurking, trying to find info on chickens and decided to join up. I have ~11wk old pullets RIR (4) that were being chased about by my bad, bad, bad Jack Russell 2 nights ago. As I was trying to catch the bad, bad, bad dog, I stepped back on a foot/leg and the chick has been limping since.The limping wasn't as pronounced yesterday, but is worse today. She is eating, pecking around the yard and seems fine except she wants to sit down as she's pecking about. I'm just concerned that her leg won't heal up. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanking you in advance for a response!
hi and
if she is still putting weight on it then hopefully it's not broke. have you actually picked her up and examined her leg? if i was you I'd put her into an area where she has a chance to let it rest a few days. maybe where she can still see everyone and viseversa, but so she isn't having to walk on it. you know when you get a sprain you need to rest it till it heals. you could even soak her leg in some warm epsom salt water a couple times a day and see if that helps. Hopefully in a couple days she'll be good as new!
Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I picked her up and examined her foot.It doesn't seem to be broken or have any open wounds on it . Actually last night she seemed to be limping less, so I am hopeful that she will continue on the road to recovery.

Thank you again Miss Lydia!

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