Stepping it up from 8 to 60!!


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Jun 8, 2009
Hi! I've been wandering around the sight all morning and I love it! A great source of information and personal experience from everyone! I had about 8 chickens a year or so ago. Sadly, a fox, or dog got to them and cleared them all out one day. My favorite was a bird we called Lowlee (short for Lola). She hatched two clutches for us and was the sweetest chicken! I even took her to visit the kids at school and in their classrooms... I have 4 kids. it was a great "in-school" field trip.
I decided to wait on replacing my girls because we were soon to move. I wanted to wait until we were settled in to our new place. Here we are settled in and I am the proud owner of 60 white rocks!
Of course, I am learning quickly that 60 is a lot more than 8!! More poo, more food, more space, and more issues I hadn't seen before!!
I can't wait to dive in and learn here! Looking forward to gleaning all sorts of information!
I already gave the birds a bowl of Activa yogurt this morning mixed with some feed .... read alittle on probiotics and prebiotics ... good stuff. What did I learn? To spread it our more ... one bowl was not enough room for all the birds to safely get a bite .... lol
sounds like fun!! This is a GREAT place to learn about chickens!
from PA! Glad you decided to start up with the chickens again and I hope you have more luck with these guys! I'm so paranoid about predators that I have padlocks on all the doors and a baby monitor in the coop at night!

My husband says I've lost it.....

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