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    Apr 14, 2011
    I bought a Little Giant Still Air Incubator the other day at TSC along with an egg turner, but they do not carry the circulation fans. I understand that a fan will help give a better hatch rate. TSC can order a fan but it will take about a week to come in. I will be setting some eggs on Tuesday or Wednesday and wonder if I can install the fan when it gets here without harm to the eggs.

    This is my first time incubating eggs.

    Now here is a stupid question: How does that egg turner work? Do the trays just tilt from side to side? Doesn't look like there is any way the eggs can totally turn over like they would if you did it by hand.

    Also, is there any harm in not candling the eggs to see what is fertile? Aside from keeping a check on the temperature, I figured I would just stick them in there and let the machine do its thing until they hatch. Or would I end up with a stinky stink if non-fertile eggs weren't disposed of?

    And since my questions might be silly, if you tell me I don't have any business hatching eggs I won't hold it against you! [​IMG]

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    Quote:Don't be silly, my first bator was a LG. first, the turner turns them from side to side. It moves very slow but if you watch it after an hour you will be able to tell it moved. Make sure you put the small end of the egg down.

    You don't need to candle the eggs but by the 10th day you won't be able to stand it. lol And you know to take them out of the turner on the 18th day so they can get ready to hatch.

    I'm not sure about the fan, I would say if you think you can do it quick then go for it. Maybe you could cover the eggs so they don't get to cold. someone else better help you with that question.

    Good luck I hope you get lots of babies. The directions did tell you about the humidity and temp right?
  3. Orange Ribbon

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Ginbart, thanks for helping me out. Oh, yes, I did know the eggs have to be taken out of the turner on day 18, but I forgot when I posted. And yes, the directions do tell about the humidity and temperature.

    Ha, I understand what you mean about not being able to stand it. I am the sort of person who has to fiddle with everything, but I thought this might be one of those times it is better not to mess around too much. We'll see how I well I keep my hands off by day 10, LOL.

    I sure appreciate your response!
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    Consider installing a computer fan instead. Google instructions on installing a computer fan in an incubator and you will get several good results. A regular ol' computer fan is about $3.00 compared to a $30.00 incubator fan kit. You should candle at day 7 or so to determine the non-fertiles and dispose of them. I candle at day 7, day 14, and on day 18 before the eggs must be moved from the turner and the turner removed from the incubator. After day 18, do NOT turn the eggs. Close your incubator and put it on "lockdown", not opening until first hatch. My last hatch completed on the 9th this month and out of 23 eggs, there were 4 non-fertile and the other 19 hatched....all of 'em. !00% hatch is a first for me. I think the secret is humidity levels. You will need a good quality hygrometer. I recommend one from a tobacco or cigar shop.
  5. Orange Ribbon

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Oh, dear, not a--HYGROMETER!!!! [​IMG]

    How do I work that thing and where do I put it? On top of the eggs with the thermometer? What should it read? My directions simply say to keep water in the "moisture rings." Uh, oh, where are the moisture rings? Are they the recessed areas in the bottom styrofoam section?

    Dang, I'm feeling more incompetent as I go along! But I think I'll get it. Especially with the help I'm getting. I sure am thankful to you for your input. [​IMG]
  6. puredelite

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    You will most likely have a better hatch if you do get a hygrometer, that way you can keep the humidity at around 40% for the first 18 days and then at lockdown up the humidity to 60-70%. Do this by adding a sponge or rolled- up paper towels that have been saturated with warm water. Elsewhere on this site you can find instructions for the "dry hatch" method in LG's or other styrofoam 'bators. With this method you don't fill the water rings as stated in the instructions. Seems to give a better hatch rate than you would get following the instruction booklet. I don't have a fan and just hatched 11 of 12 eggs after removing the "duds" after day 14. Don't be intimidated by the incubating process, just learn as you go!
  7. puredelite

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    Oh, forgot to add that it's great that your cancer is in remission! Been there and done that- twice! God is great, will keep you in my prayers...

  8. Orange Ribbon

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    Apr 14, 2011
    Puredelite, thank you so much. Good stuff to know about the humidity. I'm also glad to hear you did good without a fan.

    Man, I just got done reading the entire 14 pages of the thread where Likesthedesert had to help that chick out of the egg and then it died. I was on pins and needles the whole time. I'll probably have a heart attack when mine are approaching the hatch day.

    Glad to hear you are doing well with the cancer thing, Pure Delite. I have Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. It's been with me for about 3 years now, but since I got on the medication it has stayed in remission. I've had some bad times with side effects and went through 3 different drugs. Each time got worse so I'm back on the original now. It is painful, but I can put up with it. I also have spinal stenosis which feels real good, let me tell you! And in October I had open heart surgery for what is called Tetralogy of Fallow. I had my pulmonary valve replaced, a section of muscle taken out just below the valve, an artery rebuilt and a hole patched. I was born with it, but only knew of the murmer since I was a kid. I got into surgery just in time. Don't know if it is a world record, but the doctors in my area know of no one my age that has had this defect and lived anywhere near my age. Just turned 47. One specialist knew of a 19 year old that got surgery and lived. Most kids have surgery at one year old. Everyone keeps telling me the Lord isn't done with me yet, and I guess they are right. Just can't figure out why I get to keep on trucking when lots of better people have gone a lot earlier in life.

    Well, thanks again for the help. I'll take all I can get and I'm not bashful about it. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree. The advantage of a fan is that it circulates the air so you don't have cool spots and warm spots like with a still air. It will be warmer under the heat element.
    Good luck and have fun!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I really like fans over still air incubators but its better to wait an put the fan in when the incubators is empty so it can be readjusted.
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