Still air incubator temperature for duck eggs?

It is the same as for chickens and most other species of birds.
Since a still air incubator has thermal stratification, measuring at the top of the egg should theoretically be about 1F higher than what the ideal incubator temperature should be.
So, to make a long story short, 100.5 at the top of the egg.
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Great resource for most things duck related...

and their daily candling link...

It indicates 99.5 for forced air. Since I started several years ago I have always added 2 degrees, measured at the top of the eggs which would be 101.5. My chicks have always hatched on the correct day. All information points to SLIGHTLY lower being better than higher if you do go one way or the other... so I agree with chicken canoe's info that I saw pop up as I type. :thumbsup

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