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  1. I recently saw an ad in one of many poultry supply catalogs I get for a kit that turns a still air incubator into a forced air.

    Has anyone tried this?

    I've always seemed to have better luck with my fan model Hovabator vs my LG. My LG is a still air...so I thought maybe I could get one of those kits.....

    Pros? / cons?


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    I say go for it. I have 3 of the ancient Hova's and 2 of them were still-air. I got the kit and converted them. Have not had any troubles with them and have decided I don't want to use a still-air just because of the hot/cold spots associated with them.

    BTW, the kits are REAL easy to install. All you need is a philips screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters (or like I used, a paring knife) to splice the wires from the kit into the power wires of the bator itself
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  3. Quote:Yeah....my problem is that temps differ up to FIVE DEGREES from one side of the other. I bought a new wafer two years ago & hadn't used it since...my LG is a 9200 I think I bought it in 2002? Maybe? And the Hovabator I bought in 2000.
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    I say much better hatches from forced air that I have seen. I would go for it! Good luck!
    I know I almost got an LG but after I would buy the fan and turner kits I would almost spend what the hovabator costs! So I went with the hova.
  5. Quote:Yeah...I got my still air for the reptile eggs which needed higher humidity. It helped them from drying out....but I think the air would be "healthier" with a fan & it seems to have more stable temps....

    Or, maybe I'll just sell my LG & save up for a Genesis? I wonder if they have thermosats you can buy seperately, yet? Like so I could make my old Hova into a 1588? LOL

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