Still can't figure out the problem with hen

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    She had a soft egg not come all the way out 4 days ago I put on sterile gloves and removed what was left of the soft shell. She just did not look right the next day standing still not moving around much. Her tail is droopy while all the other hens are up.She also looks "Puffy" I moved her to a dog crate by herself. I gave her a warm bath ( I got a lot of jokes about that). I also got some Duramycin to put in her water. Her crop felt hard the other day So today I checked and It is not now. I tried to give her some yogurt I don't think she ate much if any. I saw she was pooping a tiny amount and it was green and white. After doing some reading here I went and cleaned the crate again and removed the shavings and put her on a towel. When I went to put her back in she had pooped again and it look more normal but still a little green. I don't want to sound mean but I only paid a dollar for the hen I have spent ten times that plus to heal her. I don't want to cull her but how much time should i give her?
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    I would administer the Duramycin orally with eye dropper/syringe to make sure she is getting enough of a dose. Hens that have eggs break internally need to be on antibiotcs- so you are doing well, however she may just not be drinking enough water to get it into her.

    If you need to figure out an oral dosage and its not on the bottle call a veternarian and tell them the drug and ask if they can calculate an oral dose for 1 chicken just tell them her approximate weight. They are geneous like that.

    good luck with her.

    There is no value on a life- if she can pull thru with just some more effort and care it will be well worth it to see her once again happy and scratching around. perhaps she needs more calcium or vitamins (you said you got her for $1...maybe she was not getting proper nutrition from where ever she was from and just has to be nursed back to stable health) If thats the case she should be fine... Hopefully she does not continue to have egg issues if so many might say to cull.

    Good luck
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