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Dec 14, 2012
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Today I brought the 4-pack into the pen that has more work (and a pond) still to be done and will eventually be their permanent pen. Since I cleaned their kiddie pool last night, I brought it in that pen for today.

They had no patience. They were tossing themselves in while it was still empty. I hooked up the hose and it was spraying water in, which usually scares them (I think they fake it and now I am sure). That lasted a few minutes and they all finally dove in.

At first they were a little worried about the heavy spray and tried to stay out of it...

Less than a minute later it turned into a duck free-for-all to get in the spray...

Doc and Mose felt it was a great time to get in some Sumo Wrestling practice...

Now for the clueless part:

I am 99% sure Daphne is a Drake. In addition to his looks, he raspy quacks sometimes (still mainly just peeping)...

I have NO clue with Mose. He/she does no quacking, just peeping, and do Cayugas have any color indication? (Mose is camera shy)...

And then there is my KC Niles. Niles is NOT camera shy and has been known to shove others out of his/her shot. In the last 2 days there have been a few quacks from Niles that aren't loud or raspy enough to tell the difference..

As for my little Runner, Doc-couldn't get a pic to save my life! Doc basically has no voice-it wouldn't even qualify as a whisper. I will just have to wait until he/she does/doesn/t develop a drake feather or does/doesn't start shooting out eggs!

Any thoughts or hints on sex of camera-shy Mose or pic-hogging Niles?
I was having some difficulty with one of my WHs and couldn't be sure what kind of voice I was hearing whether it was specifically that one or a different one. I tried catching it, but then it just reverted to peeping, so I herded the other 2 back into the pen where it could see them but not get close. That brought out the loudest "quack" I'd heard yet, definitely a duck. Whew! Also at 6 weeks, my ducks quack and mutter, but my drake still mostly peeps. Not sure if separating the one you aren't sure about will help you too, but it could be worth a try.
Great idea! I will have to give that a try tomorrow.

They were separated by the 'ball of death' (a little yen hen toy) yesterday and there was much carrying on until they finally worked up the nerve to run past it.
Daphne looks like one of my welsh harlequins. Although Daphne kinda looks like a boy I think because of the head being so dark. Mose will get the drake feather if he's a boy. All cayugas look the same for color anyway although some people say males have more green. I haven't seen this in my bunch. Niles will also get a drake feather. Later on the boys will have a darker head then females for the KCs.

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