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Dec 2, 2020
I don't have chickens yet. I'm doing all my research first. I really want to do it. I have to consider I have a pool. There are cats everywhere. And I have so many questions. The biggest challenge for me will be if I will be brave enough to eat my chickens and start over when the time comes.
You're in the right place! Welcome :) I've heard mixed things on here about cats. I just researched it because I just realized we have a cat living around our property... I would keep the young chickens in your garage in a brooder until they are old and big enough to not look like a sparrow!
Welcome to BYC!!
If you plan to not free range, you could make the run large enough that you wouldn't have to worry about the pool.
You could also predator proof your coop/run so that you don't worry about the cats or predators.
As for eating your chickens... don't name them, it will help. Unfortunately, I name mine and they will never be a meal, and when they get so old that they hardly lay an egg, they will happily live a long life for as long as they want to. My sister doesn't name some so these are her meals, or if she has too many roosters.

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