Still have weak chicken and she doesn't want to eat - what should I do?

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7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Duck is still in the house. It has been a week now. She doesn't want to eat much. Won't touch scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal or cat food. She seems like she doesn't want to get her beak "dirty". She immediately starts wiping it as soon as there is something on it. She is still wobbly on her feed but I think less so. She did not gain any weight but still poops normal. I dusted her with DE. Thoroughly. She is still itching - but I read somewhere that DE dries the skin - so maybe its from that. I have beed sneeking in some cat food on green leaves and put some on bread which she ate. I also get her a few worms from the garden. She likes those. I still think she should have gained more weight by now??

I read some more forums and I came across some posts about gape worms. Something else I've never heard of before. However, Duck did do the neck streching and opening the beak as it was described there. She acted as if something was stuck in her throat - but I haven't seen her doing this lately. Could she have Gapeworms??? . Also right after she drinks, I can hear gurgling sounds - I always thought it was from her stomach - but maybe its from her throat??

I take the normal poop back - I just checked on her - and she just made a greenish very liquid poop !

I dont know what else to do ? Any suggestions?

And this morning I noticed that one of the other two had kind of a raspy voice. I am panicking..... It was rather cold the last couple days her in the PNW - around freezing. They do not heat in their coop - but I checked a few sites and it said that they should be fine as long as they are out of draft and kept dry. Which they are they have their own little house to roost in. Big enough for about 6-8 chickens. But now there are only 2 (since Duck is in the house). Could the one have gotten a cold from the low temperature outside? What should I do.

If anyone knows what to do please let me know.

thanks a bunch

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