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Still Laying :)

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by UrbanChick101, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. UrbanChick101

    UrbanChick101 Chirping

    Aug 9, 2010
    Eastern Iowa
    So happy, my six little girls, are still laying pretty consistently, 2-5 eggs each day. And usually 5 everyother day... so proud of them since it gets dark at noon!! (well ~ not quite)

  2. michickenwrangler

    michickenwrangler To Finish Is To Win

    Jun 8, 2008
    NE Michigan
    I'm still getting eggs, but not as much.

    I would get 6-8 a day from 12 hens in the summer

    Now I'm getting 2-5
  3. buzymom13

    buzymom13 I run the Alien Chicken Asylum

    Apr 20, 2010

    I've been averaging a dozen plus in 2 days from 8 laying hens. I've been feeding mine a half a head of cabbage each day w/some boss seed (along w/layer pellets). They seem to be liking it. Glad to hear your girls are still cranking them out.

    My barred rock however is NOT helping out...LOL Silly chickie!!! [​IMG]

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