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    Apr 22, 2019
    hello all!
    I am still very new to owning and raising chickens!
    And please bear with me as I have only a million questions, and a ton to learn!
    Today my question is.... I live in Texas, and we unusually have had a lot of rain. I moved into my farmhouse around Christmas with an existing Coop. With all the rain and no matter how clean I keep the coop and yard Flys are in constant swarm. What issues should I look for or be worried about with my ladies, and unexpected rooster.
    Any advice is appreciated, also any advice to repels these suckers is great!
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    I use a 3 way approach to flies and gnats.

    I pick up the poop in the run and yard and clean under the roosts every morning and again clean the yard every afternoon.

    Martin permethrin 10% in a spray bottle, treat the inside when they are out and any spots where they congregate.

    Starbar jar traps with the liquid inside, I keep several of them around the coop and run.

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    Welcome to BYC and poultry!

    If your meaning house flys they have fly bait you can put out to attract and kill them. They wont bother the birds alot but they can get rather annoying to the keeper and if a bird has an open wound they can lay eggs in it and... u dont wanna know. just dont ever leave a wound untended.

    Black biting flies can be dangerous and the permethrin the previous poster recommends is the main ingredient in lots of brands of insecticides. Its very good at keeping bugs off of the birds including mites and fleas off of dogs. Cannot be used on cats although i have two outdoor cats whove been unaffected by the 10 times ive treated my yard for the buffalo gnats.

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