Still looking for some in the high desert SOCAL

What breeds do you have?
We have OEGB, Modern bat & std,polish, brahma bat & std, call duck, & indies,

Sorry but we don't get up the hill much, hope your planning on going to the Ventura show we'll be there & you'll met alot of other breeders & chickens that are not common to So. Ca.
Morning, Debi! Been too busy to post. I called the only feed store in my immediate area, and she is getting the last shipment of chicks for the season next week.Only 1.80 a piece, NHR,B&R sex link,BR. I have assembled alot of scrap wood,metal flashing and lattice + chicken wire to start the coop. I have several large cages for the meantime,so i'm taking the plunge.All the children are now enrolled and are waiting for materials. The teen is still being my least favorite stage of child development.
Everyone said I couldn't grow anything out here, and low & behold just wetting the ground near the front door produced bunches of green baby grass. WOOHOO!I love gardening.Back to chicks, are the babies going to be hard to tell apart?I was going to get the BR,but read that the B sex link look alot like them as little ones.Your opinion when your online.
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Hey, Apple Valley doesn't seem that far, but I drive within a half a block of WDPKS and have never once stopped in to introduce myself! Sometimes life just moves too fast. I do hope some day to meet them. No excuse, I say... NO excuse for not introducing myself.
SEE!!! I told you you would find some chicks. Personally I don't care what breed they are because chickens are just downright fun!! I still have yet to identify one of my chickens. I was told she is a black sex link, but she has a polish doo going on on her head. I was watching my babies - 9 weeks old tomorrow, jousting last night - too funny to watch them.

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