(Still) Looking for Speckled Sussex eggs


12 Years
Nov 1, 2007
My Speckled Sussex, Dot, was sitting on her eggs and something got her. Just left a bunch of smashed eggs and feathers. She was my favorite out of all my birds. She had such a personality and I've read that all Speckled Sussex are like that. So, if you have eggs I would be interested. I have serama eggs in the incubator right now (Day 3) so I probably will need them in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

update: Serama eggs are at Day 8 now. Incubator will be available by the 24th. I'd like to go ahead and order these eggs so I can pay with e-check through Pay-Pal and have it clear for you.
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Sorry to hear about Dottie. I was just looking at pictures of her and her little family and can't believe I came to this post afterward...so sad. I know raccoons got to mine in the past and it's a crappy feeling...so sorry
Thank you. She was like a pet. It is a crappy feeling. I cried

We saved a few of her feathers and I told my daughter that we would print one of her pics and attach the feathers to a frame.
Check out the Tennessee Poultry group on yahoogroups. Somebody in Sparta was just advertising three speckled Sussex hens for sale TODAY.
Where are you in Tn? I am in SW Tn,near Jackson and I have several speckled sussex hens and roos. I did have hatching eggs,but ran out of cage room and had to mix them with the big flock.

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