still no eggs!!


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I have my first 2 chicks. They are about 5 months old. They eat constantly and well rounded feed. Still no eggs yet though. I'm at a lost. Any suggestions?
Thank you! Everything I've been reading has been saying about 4 months and same with the feed store staff. They were born mid December so figured I must be doing something wrong
No worries yet. 6 months is a pretty good average but anywhere from 4-8 months is still in the normal range for most breeds. There are lots of different factors that play into it.

Watch for their combs to fill out and turn bright red and for them to start squatting when you approach. If you see any of these signs then it should be soon.

Good luck!
I've had lots and lots of chickens over the years and only had 3 start laying at 16 weeks--they were red sex links. All my others are much closer to the 6 month mark.
Hopefully we are getting close then. Was worried they weren't getting adequate feed or I was missing something

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