Still no luck at TSC...


12 Years
Jul 26, 2007
Northeastern Connecticut
I was a bit excited today, I called TSC and they said they had more chicks in... I stopped in and they just had some "generic white pullets", Cornish X meat birds and ducks.

Dangit, I guess I need to ask WHAT they got in too! I have the brooder all ready to do and even had food in the feeder for them. I thought it would be a good idea to cull the flock last fall, but I kinda miss them! I "almost" bought the "generic pullets" because the little yellow fluff balls were so cute, but I really want something a bit better.

Anyone in NE Conn area want to split a 25ct order? Each breed needs at least 5
Last year right at this time I picked up some wyandottes & an australorp chicks on craigslist and the girls have worked out very nicely (1yr. old now), would do it again. Not at all uncommon for people to go ahead and place those 25+ minimum orders figuring they'll just sell what they don't need on places like craigslist. Let someone else pay that costly shipping & help take those extras of their hands for them.
I would suggest finding a reputable breeder instead of buying hatchery chick. They should have true to breed animals and be able to help you if you have questions, where as hatchery chicks are very rarely true to color or size and once you get these mutts your on your own.
Well, I looked around a bit on "my pet chicken" and I was almost tempted to order.... but I LIVE in CT and shipping is $35??!! That is more than twice the cost of the entire chick order bought local! And then I have to add the chick cost! I am just 2 miles from TSC, and if I really have to wait, our local farmers co-op will have some in April. It would be stupid to custom order them just to have true breeds. To be honest, as long as they are laying eggs... they can stay and I am happy. Mutts are not a deal killer really. Last weekend, they did have some Gold Laced Wyandotte's which I am so kicking myself for not grabbing!

As for Ideal, heck.... they are sold out of everything until June!
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Try calling your smaller local feed stores. In my case mine was much better than the local TSC was. I agree with hatchery chicks being fine. Our local feed store and TSC orders from Ideal. The feed store just did a much better job of ordering.
I don't know for a fact, but many people have suggested that "my pet chicken" redistributes chicks for another hatchery and is not really present in CT as a hatchery. As I have stated, I cannot be certain of this. Check out the hatchery spreadsheet in the sticky to see reviews and such. I am also hoping my TSC has a few different birds to supplement the order I have coming from a hatchery next month...
I am so glad I went to TSC the first week they had chicks.

There was a good assortment (between the two stores) of RIR's, EE's, Leghorns, BR's, and Australorps.

I went there today and all they have are "yellow chicks."

Before TSC I was gonna order from a hatchery, but I didn't want to wait 2-3 MONTHS!

Next year, however, I will definitely order my chicks BEFORE the Spring chick rush!

And I'm discovering more local breeders to get chicks from, so that makes it easier, too.


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