Still not herself what shoud I do next?

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    Hi all, I got a sick 30 month old sex-link chicken. Her symptoms are being lethargic, "sleeping on her feet" during the day, hunched over and fluffed up, no appetite and a runny mustard yellow poo. I've read that this fits worms and also cocciidios....


    She's been on the Corid treatment for 4 full days now, she's perked up some after being gently force feed yogart/banana/kibbles mash. For the last day we suspended that to let her be on her own... but her recovery seems to have stalled. She's still not eating well and is very subdued but does show a small interest in food and is drinking well. Should I move on to an anti-biotic or treat her for worms? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    hello, [​IMG]
    I wish I could help you but I don't now how
    I hope she gets better, and i hope that someone more experienced will post here.
    -best wishes
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    The trouble with cocci is that it does damage that may take longer to heal than just the length of treatment. I would finish off her Corid before I wormed her, but that's just me. I don't like to throw too many meds at a bird all at once. I would not use an antibiotic because you have no idea what you would be treating her for. There are many antibiotics out there and they are only effective on certain pathogens. You treat for the wrong pathogen and not only is the med useless, but antibiotic usage often brings along its own risks of further GI problems.

    I hope she starts coming around soon. Good luck.

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