Still sick


11 Years
May 8, 2008
Just got back from the pedi

Still running a temp of 102
Still has a double ear infection
Still hacking
Now saying she is dizzy when she walks
Still not eating much
No lung issues. Thank goodness.

She has been out of school all week. I feel like crap that she is missing school and her friends. But I am not sending back with her running a temp and not feeling good. No way no how.

But now I have 1 week to have her better. I start my new pt job a week from today.
I already told my dh that if she isnt better by next Thursday(heck if she isnt better by this time next week I am taking her to the ER in freaking Boston) that he has to stay home with her. I cant start a job by calling them and saying. "Sorry cant be in, kids still sick"

So I am picking up new meds in a bit and trying a 10 day swing of a twice a day antibiotic. Something that is stronger than the Zithromax from what her pedi said.

I am just so frustrated. She isnt a kid that gets sick all the time. Last time she was in and needed a antibiotic was 2004 according to her records. And now I have to worry about hearing damage because of this. But now that she is in school and they are "ok" with having kids in with temps and coughs and sniffles in class I have to worry about this and she is missing school. Granted, KG. Stuff she knows. But she LOVES school and this isnt fair to her. Gods I am ticked at inconsiderate and irresponsible parents and the freaking school dept right now.


Flock Mistress
11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
Makes sure she gets some of those probiotics----the live cultures in yogurt.

It will make her sicker if these strong drugs wipe out all her good and bad bugs in her need to replenish the good ones.

I know from experiance from just out of high school. Got a thing called c. dificil....bloody stool, really weak. Took over a month to heal.

So remember the live cultures.



12 Years
Oct 11, 2007
yep on the probiotics I have reaccurances of systemic yeast has gotten much better since the probiotics but took a midwife to figure it out had been showing it to different docs for over 12 years. She said this was probably from all the antibiotics when I was young due to ears and allergy to peni for the same reason.

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