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Sep 15, 2010
Ozawkie, KS
Hi. ,
my three duck eggs are on day 28 and i havent heard anything yet but they are still moving inside when I candle them. They still seem a bit under developed to me for them to hatch any time. They look like they have about a week to go. Not that i would really know because this is my first time at incubating.

lock down was supposed to be on Monday of this week, but again they didnt look like they would have hatched so I left them in the bator on the turner. Should I just leave them in the bator on the turner till they hatch? I cant turn the turner off because i have 11 chicken & 6 more duck eggs in there. Then chickens should hatch on the first of Nov.

I have them in a hova- bator 1602n. I hate this bator because the temps fluctuate way to much. So I am constantly hovering over the bator..........Lol. Now I understand why its called a Hova-bator.... Sorry!
Anyhow if anyone has any advice I am all ears.



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Oct 20, 2010
Hello I am glad I found this posting. I am putting duck eggs in my incubator today. I was wondering about how many days for duck to hatch and found this posting. I will start all at the same time so should hatch at the same time. I will keep you posted as I go along. I have Blue Sweedish Ducks. they are such pretty ducks and easy to keep.

Food is Gold! You can't eat Gold! I had them given to me when I was buying some Pheasant chicks. I think they were born last spring. They started laying in July. I thought it was the chickens untill I found a duck hen sitting on eggs. Theye were 9 eggs then I kept seeing more eggs. Finally one hatched but no others. The little thing was running all over the chicken pen. I put him in protective coustidy for safty his mom didn't try to watch over him. The hen finnaly stoped sitting on the eggs. I cleaned them up there must of been 30 or more eggs. Many had dead babys in them others were. I will start selling eggs from them now because I won't have room for any more eggs to incubate. I see it coming now. I need a bigger incubator and some banty hens to sit on eggs. LOL Char

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