Still waiting inpaitently


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
My almost tossed egg has been piped nearly 24 hours, he's just in there singing away as if he were sitting in the bath tub, I wish he'd come out already after yesterdays drama, I could use some smiles.
It is hard to wait lol, but i've been doing good at waiting. Considering i'm using a home made bator without a thermostat, I've been up the past 2 nights just about hourly keeping check on the temp and humidity. I had a thermostat but something went wrong with it and it wasnt working, then i put it on a 15 minute cycle >15 on 15 off< and that didnt work durring the day because the temp in the house went up one day and I wasnt here to change the cycle to 15 on and 30 off and it cooked 3 eggs )O: This egg is a hatch mate of the 3 that my silkie hatched and kicked out of the nest, he sat on my kitchen counter for nearly 12 hours because i had errands to run so i didnt do the ole chunk to the wood Gods, just happened to candle it once more before throwing it out and he moved so he promptly went in the faux-bator where he's been since. I put the remaining chick that survived the attack of the un-identified nocternal critter in the bator with him hoping it would make him want to come such luck, they just sat in there talking to each other. Now i'm sitting at the kitchen table, bator on the counter across the room, and he's singing away like he's Sinatra or something. I"d like for him to hatch so i dont have to be up another night. I've got 2 kidletts i've got to keep pace with all day and need at least 2 or 3 hours of continual sleep! Its to be stormy today so i'm predicting a spike in humidity. I had a problem last night humidity would go up and my temp down, tried to bring my temp up and the humidity went down, after he survived the kitchen counter for nearly 12 hours, i've come to the conclusion that it's not the temp thats so important for hatching as it is the humidity, so i've not worried horribly about the temp, its been pretty stead between 96 and 99, and again ...hes just singing away in there, I dont think he wants to come out! The accomodations must be steller in that egg hotel!

Completely hatched about 10 minutes ago!!! The kids, my mom, and my dogs all sat by on the kitchen floor to watch!!! WOO HOOOOO
I honestly dont know, this was the last of 4 that were under my silkie, the other 3 hatched Saturday and Sunday, i almost threw this egg out cause she booted it out of the nest, i had errands to run so i sat it on my counter and about 12 hours later i decided to check it again and it was moving so i put it in my faux-bator, it's been in there since Tuesday >i think<
Ok sorry for another post and pics but we're so excited...even the dog was!!! LOLOL



Temp spiked as it was hatching

Certainly ugly lil things at first!

Hard to take good pics thru a condensation covered piece of plexiglass long will it take to dry??
Not the foggiest clue, it was under my hen, the other 3 hatched Sat and Sunday, she kicked it out of the nest i think Tuesday and i was about to toss it after i candled it and sat it on my counter to run errands. Candled it once more and saw it moving and into the faux-bator it went. Tryin to think of a good name for this lil "guy" Something like Chunk >cause i was gonna chunk him into the woods< or "Frank" cause he's been singing in the egg for 2 days as if he were Sinatra or someone.

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