Stinking Lousy Hawks!


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
. Well been a rough summer anyway with the pest here.Havent had a lot of racoon action lately. But those darn hawks!. I was inside today with grandson doing some housework.I heard the big birds going off. I ran straight for the rifle. Before I got out the door and out the gate I saw him flying off with apparently another of my graduated Black OEGB bird's.The leaves are falling fast here now and everyday the tree's are getting clearer to see him.
. My poor baby Im so furious. The older ones alert and are smart and go for shelter immediatley. Im am shutting them in tomm. and wait on the rascal. The bigger ones wil bring him in he has been here EVERY day for a month now!
I hear ya. We had no trouble with predators until then. Have been keeping all the chickens in the chicken tractor since then. They are not happy. In fact the remaining three roosters have gone on strike when it comes to crowing.
So sorry to hear that......I have had 3 stalking my birds......however, Knock on Wood, I've lucked out with my 10 minute scarecrow and they haven't been back. I hope you can find a way to veer them away....

that's so sad........
the hawks are very brave this fall.. i have one everyday sitting on the wire on top of the coop.. i let them out today for the first time in ages and that hawk flew over and did a quick circle and headed for my babies.. they just happened to go into the garage at the same moment to get some scratch that had spilled so the hawk went away.. whew. i was screaming hawk , hawk, and the dog came running.. hubby with his hands and pockets full of eggs came running.. and the hens never even knew what was going on.. dumb things lol. they just ate their fill of scratch and back into the run we put them..
Just an fyi--raptors are protected and if you shoot (or even try to) one and get caught there are some pretty hefty fines.

They're a pain here too, I'm lucky though 'cause my dog has figured out that the hawk is what makes me go running out in the yard like a crazy women so she's started barking at them whenever they show up too. I also have a bunch of crows and jays that I've started feeding--I have to watch out when they're are chicks on the ground because the crows will go after the youngsters, but they sure do a good job driving the hawks off so I think it's a pretty good deal.

I've seen numerous threads where people have had good luck stringing fishing line and/or cd's between trees and structures around the chickens area, apparently in messes up the hawks ability to come in fast for the kill, but I'm not sure since I haven't done it myself.
Keep in mind you can't shoot hawks or owls anywhere in the U.S. Also, this is the time of year that all predators will become more active. Partly to put on weight for the winter, partly because the mammalian juveniles are dispersing, and partly because your chickens are easier to find and other food gets more scarce.
Protect, protect, protect.

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