Stopped laying- is she planning chicks somewhere?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
I've got a lovely Old Costwold Legbar pullet called Sky. She is about 8 months old and started laying in March. Since she started laying she's been really good and been laying 5 or 6 eggs a week. Until last week when she stopped laying completely. They are in a run with a cockerel but free range every evening and 4 days a week are out most of the day. I just wondered, since I have a cockerel and she gets to free range every day- is there any chance she hasn't actually stopped laying but has got a nest somewhere and is laying in there. I guess if she disappears one day and then reappears with chicks 3 weeks later I'll know! Has anyone got a hen that did this and was there any change in it's behaviour before it disappeared that I can look out for? I am very sure of her egg laying before and now as she is the only blue egg layer I currently have.
Any thoughts much appreciated
Many many people have had a hen disappear and show up with chicks. I thought my first one got ate by a predator, and one her she came with chicks behind her. Another way, is to sit down there with your coffee, one morning. Leave them locked up a little longer than usual, by then she is usually a little desperate to get to her nest to lay the egg, and you can watch where she goes.

It is kind of good to know, cause they tend to like the same spots over and over.

I agree, get a good cup of coffee or tea or whatever you drink in the morning and just watch her from a distance. I have also gone searching for any type of nest or eggs around my yard and have never found anything. All of a sudden I find the hen is laying eggs in the coop again after taking a break.

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