Stopped laying, it's been 7 months, something isnt right. PLEASE HELP!

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    Here is my story,

    We started out with 3 Rhode Island Red hens that were laying. We loved them and are now chicken obsessed. We now have at least 20 (probably more) that were laying. About 7 months ago they stopped laying. We were maybe getting one egg a day. We figured maybe it was the heat. So we accepted that we weren't going to get more eggs until it cooled down. Well not 7 months later we are still getting no eggs. We recently bought 6 new adult hens that were laying. After about a week of them being with us they too stopped laying. That leads me to believe that it is something we are doing. We have a large cool with a large run that is connected to a small pasture. They free range all day and get locked in the coop at night. They are VERY happy and healthy chickens. We 1st thought that they were hiding the eggs or that something was getting in and eating them. We go out there several times and day and search EVERYWHERE. They are definitely not hiding them and they are not getting eaten. During these 7 months they went through molt but that was several months ago. I next went to maybe they are not getting enough protein. So we have been giving them Calf Mana . No change. My LAST thought is that our well water has too much iron in it. So they now get filtered water. Still no change. I'm completely out of ideas. I'm getting very discouraged. PLEASE does anyone know anything else I can try.
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    I am wondering if you have some egg eating snakes? Or dog? (course that would be alot of eggs daily)

    If it were me, I would take a chair this weekend and spend the day watching them. Monitor who goes into the coop, how long they stay, do you hear an egg song - all that good chicken tv stuff. Maybe they found a couple hide away spots and are laying - caught one of mine doing that and would have never known without watching her. ( they can hide their eggs in plain sight - you could be walking by every day and not know )
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    You haven't told us what your chickens are eating other than free-ranging and "Cow Mana." (Does Cow Mana = Calf Manna?)

    Parasites? You say that they are happy and healthy but after 7 months, don't you think taking some fecal samples in to a vet would be a good idea?

    All day free-ranging and thinking they will return to the coop for laying may be expecting better behavior than what they are inclined to. Chickens are known for hiding their nests. You say that you have searched everywhere - how about leaving them in the coop and run for a day to see if there are eggs?

    Production hens usually lay for 10 months and then are molted for a month. After that, they are back in production. Looks like your birds have just about turned that schedule on its head.

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    They are getting Nutrina layer crumble. I think I will trying keeping them in the coop/run.
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    Jul 4, 2009
    HOw did you go? Any eggs in the coop over the weekend?

  6. aqhaktberry3

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    NOPE! NONE! I'm so frustrated. I just don't know what else to do.
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    Have the same problem with my hens. It's been 6 weeks since they finished their molt. I feel the same thing.
    I put them in the run for three days now and still no eggs.

    If I figure out what is happening with mine I will send the info. your way.

    Yes it is very frustrating, at this point I am walking around the run with them asking if something is wrong..please tell me. They just look and me and cluck.
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    try leaving them in the coop and run for at least 3 days (I would do a week personally) you may have upset them the one time and none wanted to lay, but after 3 days or so they should not be able to hold the eggs in anymore and hopefully you will see they are laying just not were you want them to. Also make sure they have 14 hours (or 12 but I would do 14) of light in the coop.

    If you still have no eggs I would seriously consider sending in one (if you can pick a sacrificial bird) to the state for a battery of tests this way at least you know if there I something else going on. But by the sounds of it if none have died and all are a good weight I don't have any idea of what disease they could have.

    this is a real mystery [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mar 24, 2009
    I agree with the others that say something is eating your eggs. A friend had the same thing and a dog was eating her eggs. She caught them by a stake out. Try it and see.

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    I would hang out with them for a day. One of my hens was sneaking a nest I just discovered this morning by accident. I had no idea she had started laying again. She had been broody this summer and hatched her first chick and hadnt laid since. 7 months no eggs from RIR.... they gotta be laying somewhere???!!! Maybe they are eating them? My quail will lay eggs that I never knew about except someone saw them eating them.... keep us updated - I have RIRs too!

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