stopped laying when I mixed 2 flocks for a month!!


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Oct 17, 2010
Okay - I know this has been asked before, and I have read 60+ pages to try to resolve this. I had 2 Barred Rocks about 2 yo & 4 teenagers (3 RIRs & a Brown Leghorn) born early May & raised from chicks. The teens were producing about 3-4 eggs a day in a chicken tractor, the ladies about 1-2 or less a day. The tractor was getting too small as they grew, so I integrated them by letting them free range much of the day, then re-modeled the 12 x 15' pen with 5 laying boxes and 2 roosts. Then, I put them together. The 2nd in command has become very mean to the teenagers - cruel at times especially where food & treats are concerned, so I took her out and put her in the tractor in viewing distance of the others 2 days ago. All the others seem to be 'missing' her and their egg production has ceased, except for her, and the meanest of the teen-agers. But that had already happened when I mixed the flocks. What in the world? I'm thinking of leaving her in the tractor to watch the others get treats & she doesn't - but not sure if that will do the trick or not. What if I left all of them in their 'present homes' for awhile - then maybe they will get to be family when re-mixed? The meanest one just cries & paces all day - probably missing pecking the tar out of the others all the time. The others, even the ones she is cruel to are also crying. I don't get it. Any relevant info would help. They were mixed for 3 weeks before I felt it necessary to take the meanest one out.


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I hate to watch the pecking and re-establishing of the pecking order when adding to the flock
I know someone has to be the low man (or chook) on the totem pole but it is hard to watch...... I would try to reintroduce them, as long as you provide extra water/feed so that everyone has access without some bullies 'hogging' a feeder and also enough space or safe spots to get away from bullies I hope they work it out over time. If the bullying is bad (drawing blood, not able to get enough food) you may have to take the ringleader out again for a few days, maybe even in an area where she can not see the others for a couple of days. I have integrated newbies on 2 occasions and the former lowest ranking chicken is always the 'meanest' . My bottom of the pecking order hen does not get hurt/pecked anymore but it is very obvious where she ranks..... But they are a flock and all are well

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