Stopped Laying!


11 Years
Mar 9, 2008
SoCal desert
My girls had just started laying well and now they've stopped! The weather is the same, the food is the same though I'm giving them cabbage leaves I got from the market the other day, their water is changed daily so I'm at a loss to account for it. This has happened over the last 4 days and they've dropped by 75%!

Any suggestions?

I have 4 pullets and 1 older hen. They started laying about a month ago and I was getting 2 and 3 a day up until late last week and over the weekend I was getting 4. I have had 1 a day since Monday and it's not the same one laying. In fact, the think it's accurate to say that each girl has only laid one egg in 5 days!

Maybe my food is bad (looks ok) or perhaps the protein levels aren't high enough. I've heard when it gets hotter they need more protein. How much is ideal? Our temps are in the high 80's at the moment - which does not qualify at hot by any means!

i dont think its the food.i think they are taking turns laying.maybe they will lay more as the weather warms up.
ok the temps are plenty warm for them to that has me stumped as to why they quit laying.could they be hiding their eggs.
I really don't know . I always thought when weather would really HEAT UP , they may reduce the laying . MAYBE , MAYBE NOT .
I have 6 hens , and ONLY 3 are laying so far . I guess won't be long before the other 3 start dropping .... BUT some days , I only pick 1 egg , and the next day I pick 3 , and they were laying more in late afternoon . WEIRD huh ? I just went outside to give more water , and I brought them about 6 slices of bread . WELL , LOW AND BEHOLD , one HEN seen the bread

, AND DARN if she DID NOT lay and egg , right then and there . MAN , should of brought the WHOLE LOAF of bread ......... LOL
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