Stopped laying


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Need some insight here on this. I have 4 RR and 2 white leghorn in a large coop with a white leghorn rooster. In the last few weeks, ive been getting 3-5 eggs a day from this group and now its been a week since ive gotten ANY. Idk whats up. Their molt is over, they all are about 1 yr old and live in a coop with nice nest boxes and it's big enough for at least 15 hens, including the run. Fresh water and food everyday. Theyre healthy and show no signs of sickness, mites or anything. Im dumbfounded with this. Please, any help with this is greatly appreciated....Mike
come to think of it, i did put some new young pullets in there with them about 3 weeks ago but they continued to lay up until about a 7-10 days ago

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